Sunday, August 3, 2008

Walking city girls

City girls

These ladies walking through the Burcht street direction Large market (weighing house square). The painting has been made from the Churchgas street. Because many people outside the city come along this citystreet. Beautiful spot to portray walking people. The red decoration behind that store glass was my verify point.

Deze dames wandelen via de Burchtstraat naar de Grote markt (Waag gebouw plein). Het schilderij is gemaakt vanuit het kerkegas steegje omdat daar veel mensen van buiten de stad langs lopen. Prachtige plek om voorbij komende mensen te portretteren. De rode decoratie achter het winkelglas was mijn uitgangs punt.

This is the result/resultaat.

Acrylic on canvas 9.5x12inch (24x30cm).



threio said...

Very nice painting. 1st time visitor, will be back.

KT said...

Thanks Threio, you are welcome.

Joanne Cucinello said...

I like this very much. Your work is very lively and rich.

KT said...

Thanks Joanne, it is lovely to do live scene painting. People in a painting gives extra atmosphere.

Kathleen said...

enjoyed your blog... this is as nice as "short skirts day"
aka Spyderbabe

KT said...

Kathleen, Thanks for your nice words and meet you again on Wetcanvas Spyderbabe.