Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dutch Horse (part two)

Dutch horse painting is finished!

As you see, this horse has not many sense (he stumbles ahead) so I paint him fast for the basis. And finish it in my study tomorrow. He comes from the same spot as the previous horses.

Zoals jullie kunnen zien heeft dit paard niet veel zin vandaag en strompelt vooruit, hierdoor kon ik nog snel een basis maken om morgen af te werken in mijn werk ruimte. Dit paard komt van de zelfde omgeving als de voorgaande paarden.

Basis Painting:

This is the result/resultaat.
Click on the painting and you can see the details!

Acrylic on canvas 9.5x12inch (24x30cm).



threio said...

very nice work on the horse.

The Minimalist said...

Great horse. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

KT said...

Thanks Threio! :)

KT said...

Thanks Maureen, your welcome. I like also that dark horse, it is very nice to paint horses.

Chellesky said...

Gorgeous horses!

C.J. said...

I love it! I think it is finished the way it is! : ) Lovely, thanks for sharing KT

KT said...

Thanks Chellesky, for your compliment!

KT said...

Your welcome CJ. Yes thanks the painting is finished ;) You are faster with comments then the thunderstorm and flash of lightning in Holland, haha.

Distressing Delilah said...

Beautiful paintings!