Saturday, August 16, 2008

Free Painting Giveaway!

'Give a way painting' The rules are simple!

1) Subscribe to Art Painting Weekly by Email the newest paintings and activated the email.
2) Take your digital camera or mobile phone and make a photograph from your city scene home town.
3) Send the photograph(jpg, gif) of the streetlife from your city per email to me (
4) From the first signed up photograph, I will begin to paint.
5) My cat is the notary and he is bowling the winner (my cats are not corruptly, I do not know when you send Canadian herring fish to the cats :) So the streetlife of the faithful blog readers, friends citys spread over the world. The winner gets its own street scene of photograph he/she sent in.
6) The 10,00 US dollar sent expenses must be paid through the winner of this painting. The painting will be shipped to all destinations in the world!
7) Each first of the month ther is a the winner. The winner will be informed with a e-mail, if the winner does not claim the painting, the runner-up will be notified.

You are a current subscriber? You've already been signed up! Only sent the photograph with the same subsciber email address.

free painting

The original acrylic painting is on 19x25cm Coarse canvas texture, acid free 290g/m (140lbs), which means that you must need to frame it!

Your e-mail address will only be used to deliver the painting.
You are free to unsubscribe at any time. The winner comes only from subscribers with a home town streetscene photograph.

Success with making the city scene photographs and bowling the free painting monthly!

Status: Not ready yet.


rude tees said...

great stuff. thanks for telling me about this on stumble. I gave it a review.

KT said...

Thanks Rude, for the Stumble review. Your welcome.

Laurel Daniel said...

Nice to find you and great idea! It will be fun to watch the progress!

KT said...

Thanks Laurel, I like your paintings a lot and it is nice to visit your blog. Your welcome!