Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Park Sun Break

Sun break

Daily walk through the park so it gives beautiful figures. This is the first from a series figures and these paintings will painted so loosely as possible. Models enough in the neighborhood.

Zo een dagelijkse wandeling in het park laat prachtige figuren zien. Dit is de eerst uit een serie figuren en deze schilderijen worden zo los mogelijk geschilderd. Modellen genoeg in de buurt.

This is the result/resultaat.
Click on the painting and you can see the details!

Acrylic on canvas 9.5x12inch (24x30cm).


Rachita said...

this painting makes me feel like lazing in a sunny day in some park...
wonderfull colors... puting forth a wonderfull positive mood..

KT said...

Yes Rachita, it was a very warm day! Also is it nicely to see that people enjoyed the sunshine.
Thanks & Greetings..