Monday, September 15, 2008

Beach house

Rehoboth Beachscape painting

Rehoboth Beach house, Delaware, United States. The second photograph challenge from Karin's DSDF. The painting of Rehoboth Beachscape is now hanging in the originale Louvre interior :) The alternation with the color of the underlying wall looks nice.

Rehoboth strand huis, Delaware, US. Dit is de tweede foto van Karin's kunstenaars uitdaging. Heb deze Rehoboth strand scene in het originele Louvre museum interieur geschilderd voor de afwisseling, met de muur kleur samen past het goed bij elkaar.

The original acrylic painting: 19x25cm Coarse canvas texture, acid free 290g/m (140lbs)

Click on the painting and you can see the details!
Status: private collection


Patricia D Arndt said...

Hi KT -
You have a lot of lovely paintings on your blog, I'll look forward to seeing more.

KT said...

Thanks Patricia, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Your welcome!

Deborah Ross said...

I really like your interpretation of the beach photo. And the colors are great.

C.J. said...

Hi KT.
I love your interpretation with this photo for the DSDF Challenge. Nice painting too. Thanks for the site.

Tamera said...

Love this one!

KT said...

Am glad that you like it Deborah, thanks.

KT said...

Thanks CJ, It was a hell of a painting job, haha. I had to make not the same painting like the other painters. I love that originale Louvre interior, so the choice was made fast. I hope you like the DSDF site, thanks and greetings..

KT said...

Tamera, thanks for you visit and nice words.

dominique eichi said...

Your interpretation is lovely and the choice of colors is very good too.
Very nice job, one of the best this week.

KT said...

I aprriciate it that you have visit and comment here Dominique. Thanks for your lovely words!

Laurel Daniel said...

I love how you combined the challenge photo with Karen's museum painting stuff. Very clever and it works great!
PS - a late thank you for an old comment I just found on my blog.

KT said...

Hi, It is nice when I get artist critique, but also your beautiful positive artist words Laurel, Thanks! PS:(Old comment)- Your welcome!