Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sint Nicolaaskerk, Amsterdam

Saint Nicolaaskerk, Amsterdam. Ink&Acrylic

Sketching plein air in ink the Sint Nicolaaskerk to day and painted in my studio. (Church of St. Nicholas) is a Roman Catholic church in the centre of Amsterdam. Thanks to Bill Guffey for the paint out challange!

Schetsen op locatie vandaag en het stads taffreel geschilderd in mijn studio. De Sint-Nicolaaskerk is een Rooms-katholieke kerk in het centrum van Amsterdam.

The original acrylic painting 4.0x6.0 inch: painted in Ink & Acrylic on 6 times gessoed 100% cellulose paper 300g/m.

Click on the painting and you can see the details!

Status:nr #09065
If you would like to purchase this painting, please send a email.

$45,- Shipping&Handling $5,- Terms of Sale


Gwen Bell said...

Wonderful lines and color! How lucky are YOU to be living in such a gorgeous city? I'm in Dallas, TX. No Old World culture anywhere in site.

DEB said...

This is beautiful! I didn't find anything so pretty to paint on the Google Map!

becky joy said...

Beautiful colors and brushwork. Great variety in your work.

Regina Calton Burchett said...

I love this - it is very fresh and bold, and the composition is great.

Galina Nikolova said...

Beautiful landscape!
King regards

Sadia Hussain said...

Very striking! Vivid hues and great brushwork!