Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Jar

Pink Jars

Pink jars, yep a no painfully at the teeth if you see this! It is more a experiment how far you can go with color, but the apples are very taste full!


Roze glazen potten, ja ik weet het als je er naar kijkt doet het pijn aan je tanden. Het was meer een experiment hoever je kunt gaan met kleur, maar de appels waren in iedergeval wel smaakvol.


This is the result/resultaat.

Click on the painting and you can see the details!

Acrylic on canvas 9.5x12inch (24x30cm).



Vern Schwarz said...

Beautiful painting Karel. Love the colours and composition.

mancai said...

i found nice drawing skill here....

KT said...

Thanks Vern, Im glad you like it!
I have seen you tagged me on your blog and I will post it later this month (December),Thanks!

Thanks Mancai, your welcome!

Anita Davies said...

Just beautiful!

The Minimalist said...

Love the colors! You proved your point. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

AJ said...

Great job with the color and composition- I love red! :)

Karel Tuinart said...

Thanks Anita!

Your welcome Minimalist!

Yep your right AJ, Red is one of the best colors!


Mayumi said...

It's a very nice paiting. I love it!

Gwen Bell said...

This is my favorite. Love all that color. You have a beautifully loose style as well.