Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cityscape Wolfspit

cityscape painting Nijmegen
Commissioned House Portrait. Morning sunshine painting in these peoples residential area wolvespit in Nijmegen (Holland) goes demolished them in 2012 and there comes back new buildings and houses on these area.

Opdracht woonhuis portret. Ochtend zonneschijn schilderij in deze woonwijk wolfskuil in Nijmegen(Holland) gaat gesloopt worden in 2012 en daar komen nieuwbouw woningen voor terug.

This is the result/resultaat.

Acrylic on canvas 12x9.5inch (30x24cm).

Status: Sold/Verkocht


duarte said...

hi,nice blog.............

Manny said...

This piece is beautiful as are the Paris scenes. I'll look forward to seeing more.

KT said...

Thanks Duarte.

Thanks Manny you are a good drawer artist and art painter see your artwork soon on your weblog.

Bedankt Duarte

Bedankt Manny, je bent een goede tekenaar en kunstschilder en zie je nieuwe werk snel op je webblog