Monday, April 28, 2008

Reu Soufflot

streetlife painting Paris

Paris sight seeing, street life painting by night on the Reu Soufflot the heart of the Quartier Latin on the Seine river left bank, direction 18th century neoclassic styling building The Pantheon.

Parijs stadstour, straatleven schilderij laat op de avond. Geschilderd vanaf de Reu Soufflot dit is het middelpunt van de stadswijk Latin aan de linkerkant van de Seine rivier, richting het in de laate 18e eeuw gereed zijnde neoklassieke gebouw Le Pantheon.

This is the result/resultaat.

Acrylic on canvas 12x9.5inch (30x24cm).



Christoff said...

Hi there,

I came across your site via linkreferral and thought it was a really great site! Loved snooping around a bit!

Keep it up.

Christoff Gouws

Alissa Nicolau said...

I like this painting a lot. I am in the country now and hungry for the city life. It brings good memories to mind.

Thank you for sharing your talent and reaching out to me through blogger.

Liane Schmidt said...

Beautiful work!

Blessings & best wishes.


-Liane Schmidt.

This Makes My Day said...

I like your work a lot! I Admire your style.



The Minimalist said...

Thank you for visiting my site. You are very talented! I love this city scape. I am going to link to your site. :)