Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Bean

Gloud gate painting


The bean painting detail

Cloud Gate nicknamed "The Bean" is a sculpture in Millennium Park Chicago from British artist Anish Kapoor. On the underside of the sculpture is a concave chamber that warps and multiplies reflections.
Wolken poort nicknaam De Boon is een sculptuur in het millenium park te Chicago, van de Britse kunstenaar Anish Kapoor. Aan de onderkant is een speciale konstruktie van chroom zodat je gestalte alle kanten op reflekteerd.
The fifth photograph painting challenge from Karin's DSDF.
The original acrylic painting: 25x19cm Coarse canvas texture, acid free 290g/m (140lbs)
Click on the painting and you can see the details!
Status: private collection.


Surfer Jerry said...

Love your paintings! You know I have lived in the Chicago Burbs for several years now and still haven't seen the bean.

KT said...

You must seen it Jerry, The Cloud Gate sculpture is a master work!
Thanks Jerry for your visit,