Monday, March 24, 2008


Still life

Yep, essential for keeping vampires ate bay! They do not come daily past that vampires only that garlic on my kitchen table. Could not let it to portray the garlic.

Ze zeggen dat het belangrijk is om vampieren weg te houden. Ze komen niet dagelijks langs die vampieren alleen die knoflook op mijn keuken tafel. Ik kon het niet laten een portret van knoflook te maken.

This is the result/resultaat.

Acrylic on canvas 12x9.5inch (30x24cm).

Status: Sold/Verkocht


Robert said...

A friend of mine, a young artist (only about 19 when she did it) painted a plastic bag with onions in it. It sold as soon as the doors were opened to our exhibition, people were fighting to get there first and haggling on afterwards, strange really but you may enjoy the discourse on an asparagus painting in your country; perhaps the garlic has an even more symbolic significance than you have suggested!
The onions can be found here, it was quite a big canvas!

and the asparagus here

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Theresa H. Hall said...

This is exquisite. I could take on =e for my spaghetti sauce. Cheers.

Theresa H. Hall said...
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